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Highlights from Australian agrifood innovation.

Dairy Australia’s new approach seeks global solutions to shared challenges

Innovation champion Dairy Australia is levelling up – looking beyond traditional R&D partners and using AgriFutures growAG. platform to find innovators to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Across the globe, if you’re an entrepreneur, startup or scaleup with solutions to methane, data, and labour challenges, Dairy Australia wants to hear from you. 

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Agri Energy partnership opportunity: Germany-Australia collaborative programs gain traction

A collaborative network led by T+I in Germany and UQ in Queensland can support Australian industry and researchers in finding German partners and secure funding under ZIM, Germany’s largest innovation program for small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). ZIM funds German collaborations with public and private non-profit research and technology organisations (RTOs) to develop new or significantly improve existing products, processes or technical services. 

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Award-winning animal health microchip technology ready for commercial trial

VetChip is setting a new standard in animal healthcare through revolutionary biosensor technology. The easily implantable chip monitors the vital signs of animals big and small, providing real-time information to pet owners, farmers, vets and researchers that can be used to prevent illness and improve quality of life. Expressions of interest for their Series A funding round are now open. 


The Global Digital Farm: a cutting-edge testbed for the future of farming

Australia’s first fully automated hands-free commercial farm, the Global Digital Farm (GDF), a high-tech collaboration between Charles Sturt University and Food Agility CRC, celebrates its first birthday. Now GDF’s six cutting edge research projects, can be explored on AgriFutures growᴬᴳ⋅ to help drive agritech innovation and the future of farming.     


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Solving scope 3 challenges: Geora seeks agribusiness collaborations

Geora is supporting businesses and producers in preparation for the sustainability metrics that will be required for future supplier decisions. The data-tracking company is seeking collaboration with companies looking to track scope 3 emissions and invest in better sustainability outcomes across their farmer network.

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Sky’s not the limit for bird deterrent

We go one-on-one with Dr John Kapeleris, CEO of BirdSol. This innovative agtech company has developed a patented bird deterrent and wildlife management technology based on an integrated AI system called Cherrp, and is seeking $3 million from investors to accelerate commercialisation. 

AgriFutures evokeᴬᴳ⋅ 2024 tickets on sale: Reflecting on the importance of face-to-face connection

It’s an exciting time for Australian agritech and for AgriFutures growᴬᴳ⋅, as the marketplace evolves to meet the needs of this expanding industry, providing the vital connections which help big ideas flourish into reality. With tickets going on sale for AgriFutures evokeᴬᴳ⋅ 2024, growAG.'s Senior Manager, Arianna Sippel reflects on the buzz of evokeᴬᴳ⋅ 2023 and the importance of face-to-face connections.


Connecting global innovation with AgriFutures growAG.

Finding world-leading agrifood research expertise, and research, investment and commercialisation opportunities easily, let alone in one easy-to-use location, was always a challenge – until AgriFutures growAG..

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Young Farmer of the Year backing fruit-picking robot

Australia’s Young Farmer of the Year says robots can play a key role in tackling worker shortages and labour costs for fruit growers, and is helping a Victorian startup develop an autonomous apple-picking machine to do just that.