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Highlights from Australian agrifood innovation.

A tractor in a grape vine paddock with two farmers
Investment opportunity

The advanced technology helping viticulture adapt to climate change

The grip of climate change is being felt in the world’s vineyards - disrupting practices that have been built up over thousands of years. Small changes in temperatures are resulting in large fluctuations in yield and quality across seasons. Deep Planet says viticulture is the canary in the coal mine for the broader agriculture industry and is seeking investment to further develop the next generation of monitoring solutions to help winemakers adapt.

Wheat crop growing in a paddock
Investment opportunity

Platypus machine billed as the future of grain and cereal imaging

Industrial automation company Indyn has developed the world-leading “Platypus” analyser, taking human error out of the grain inspection process to revolutionise biosecurity and agri-trade. The founders are ready to go global and are seeking the right business partners to help them do it. 

Aeriel shot of Marine Algae

How marine algae can help droughtproof agriculture

Graeme Barnett, Managing Director & CEO of Qponics speaks in a podcast about their innovative marine microalgae solution, how it can help droughtproof agriculture and become a major player in the future of protein production. Qponics is now seeking a $1m bridging round to scale the co-production of protein-rich food ingredients and high-value oils

Cattle in a paddock

MLA seeks global solution providers to enhance Australia’s red meat supply chain

Meat & Livestock Australia is seeking expressions of interest from global collaborators with solutions to objectively measure value characteristics – from productivity, welfare and eating quality to marbling potential – in live animals. With the potential to transform decision-making for producers, feedlotters, and processors, it’s a research priority that’s turning a lot of heads.       

Areial shot Qponics' pilot microalgae farm buildings
Investment opportunity

AU$1 million sought for marine microalgae to droughtproof protein supply

Queensland agritech company, Qponics is on a mission to accelerate the transition to drought proof agriculture, by cultivating marine microalgae at scale for the co-production of protein-rich food ingredients and high-value oils. To achieve this, Qponics is seeking impact investors to support the development of a new microalgae production complex in South Ballina, NSW, and scale sustainable oil and protein production in Australia.  

YackerApp Founders agronomists Heath McWhirter and Emma Ayliffe in a crop
Investment opportunity

Young Farmer of the Year behind new social media app for the agricultural community

Agronomist and 2021 Young Farmer of the Year Emma Ayliffe and her business partner at Summit Ag, Heath McWhirter, crisscross the country advising farmers on how to improve their crop production and soil health. Now the pair is helping farmers connect with each other, with a purpose-built social media app for agriculture – YackerApp. With a thousand users and growing, Emma and Heath are looking for investors to take YackerApp to the next level.   

Two tractors and farmers in a grape vinyard using Harvest optimisation technology by Aussie Wine Group
Article by AgFunder

Innovation hub AgriFutures growᴬᴳ⋅ plans to make Australia the agtech capital of the Southern Hemisphere

Agriculture is a critical part of the Australian economy, with the country’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry sector valued at $69 billion and growing

With that growth comes an urgent need to expand the use of agricultural technologies to ensure both productivity gains for farmers and Australia's role in the global food system. To do this, more investment needs to be channeled into both research and commercial initiatives for the country's agtech.

AgriFutures Australia created the growAG. program to address these needs.  

Ariel view of Cargo ships at Shipping dock and containers
Innovation program

DAFF program encourages innovators to ‘sniff out’ biosecurity pests

A future-focused partnership, between Australian agritech startup, RingIR and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) under its Biosecurity Innovation Program (BIP) will investigate whether its tech can be used to protect Australian agriculture from hitchhiker pests. Applications for the 2023-24 DAFF BIP funding round are now open for innovators with bold ideas, like RingIR.

Invertigro's innovative InvertiCube at Woolworths store in Park Sydney
Investment opportunity

Series A $12m to help vertical farm prodigy, InvertiGro scale new heights

Australian agritech startup, InvertiGro is on a mission to feed the planet in a smarter way – with an indoor vertical farming system that’s already won the support of supermarket giant, Woolworths. Now, they’re on the hunt for investment and budding indoor farmers to speed the commercial rollout of an innovative farming system that could revolutionise how – and where – we grow our food.