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Black soldier fly biotech digester ready for $10m investment

ARC Ento Tech is seeking $10 million Series A funding to help expand its patented waste management technology into global markets. The ARC process utilises the Black Soldier Fly to process mixed solid waste into high grade insect meal and high nutrient fertiliser. After overwhelming feedback from initial trials, the company is ready to take the next step.

Black Soldier Fly
Adult black solider fly. Words by Tim Vetter

When most of us see a fly, we see a pest that needs swatting, but Ramon Atayde sees a solution to the global waste management problem.

As the Co-founder and Managing Director of ARC Ento Tech, a New South Wales based company, Ramon has developed a patent-pending solution to mixed solid waste (MSW) processing using the black soldier fly.

The innovative solution recovers, re-forms and re-purposes MSW into environmentally friendly and marketable commodities including high grade insect meal and high nutrient fertiliser.

Ramon said the technology can help clean up landfills and “win the war on waste”.

“Our first mission is to stem the flow of MSW going into landfill, and then we’ll move onto the stage of remediation where we mine a landfill like a coalmine and convert the waste into usable products,” he said.

“It’s a disruptive technology but in a way it’s inevitable that this approach will be needed in the future.”

To drive this vision forward, ARC Ento Tech is seeking $10 million Series A investment to fund the global expansion of its innovative waste management solution.

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ARC Ento Tech Ltd

ARC Ento Tech Ltd is a biotech company that has developed an innovative total solution to recovering, re-forming and re-purposing organic and inorganic waste streams.
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    New South Wales, Australia

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Learn more about ARC Ento Tech’s $10 million Series A funding opportunity here, via AgriFutures growAG..^

How ARC Ento Tech’s waste management solution works

non-digestible waste materials

The solution combines two core component technologies.

In the bio-process, black soldier fly larvae consume all the edible organic waste in a MSW stream, before the nutrients are recovered and converted into new products.

All the non-digestible materials, such as plastics, paper and wood, left behind after this stage move onto the mechanical process which converts the waste into Refuse Derived Reductant (RDR) – a low-cost alternative to the use of high-grade coal or metallurgical coke.

“The black soldier fly is bio-engineered to do one thing perfectly – process organic waste. What might take earthworms between four and six weeks to convert into compost, happens in front of your eyes in a matter of hours with these flies.”

As well as producing high micronutrient ammonia rich fertiliser, the process results in ARCMeal – an environmentally sustainable substitute for fishmeal used in animal feed preparation.

“Using wild fish stocks for protein is no longer sustainable, so we need to find a new source of protein,” said Ramon.

“The black soldier fly is able to mine all the nutrients out of the waste and create products that aren’t using up precious natural resources.

“It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from burning or burying mixed solid waste.”

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Affordable business model to achieve global impact 

Black soldier fly frass fertiliser

An engineer by trade, Ramon co-founded the company with his brother, Ricky.

“Ricky’s an aquaculturalist who’s been growing insects for over 15 years, and he came to me one day and said, ‘there’s a real opportunity in this emerging industry’,” said Ramon.

“We had a look at the business model and realised that a lot of companies had promoted the sustainability aspect of this process but failed to address the commercial aspects.

“To be really global and accessible to all countries you need a solution that is affordable. So we developed a business model that’s both sustainable and economically viable.”

ARC Ento Tech has partnered with Macquarie University and Western Sydney University and is in discussion with three other universities in the research and development of its technology, which is being trialled around Australia.

“Evergreen Garden Centre, Seasol, Yates and Murphy Farming have started using our fertiliser and are amazed at the results,” said Ramon.

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“Most people are aware that chemical fertilisers may increase yields in the short term but over time are detrimental to the soil.

“Councils are now approaching us wanting to know more about how we can help with their waste management.

“We’ve done a few trials in The Phillipines, and we expect that within five years we’ll be operational in Australia, The Phillipines, USA, India and Norway.”

Investment to drive a solution for the future

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ARC Ento Tech team

As part of its global expansion plan, ARC Ento Tech is raising a $10 million Series A round and seeking engagement from investors and strategic financial, market and distribution partners. 

The Series A round will fund the construction and operation of six micro waste management plants and full scale ‘Food organics, Garden organics’ (FOGO) plants for existing commercial clients to enable the production and supply of proteins and organic fertilisers. 

“Everyone we’ve engaged with so far can see that this is the future, we just need the support to scale up and meet growing demands,” said Ramon.

“We have a company onboard in America helping to establish the technology there, but we’re looking at getting more involved. Everyone needs a solution yesterday, not tomorrow, so we’re trying to grow as fast as we can to cater for that.

“This is our first time using growAG and we’ve found the platform to be very engaging and informative. The success stories are proof of the impact of this platform, and we look forward to using it more into the future.”

Interested in ARC Ento Tech’s global waste management solution? Visit growAG. here for more information about the commercial opportunity. 

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