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Highlights from Australian agrifood innovation.

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Turning waste into water: The pork industry's transformative tech ready for investors

The Australian pork industry and researchers from UNSW Canberra have developed a sustainable, cost-neutral device to safely recycle on-farm effluent and potentially generate a source of pure drinking water. Now, the duo are looking for private sector investment to scale the technology

  • Led by
    Australian Pork Limited
  • In collaboration with
    UNSW Canberra
Sweet potato field with sunrise
Commercial opportunity

Next gen plant protein startup, The Leaf Protein Co. ready to scale pilot production

An innovative agrifood startup is set to shake up the alternative protein sector with a novel next gen plant protein. Using highly-specialised extraction technologies, The Leaf Protein Co. is turning the green leaf by-product of vegetable crops into a nutritious, ‘free from’ protein source for food manufacturers. Promoting biodiversity, reducing food waste, and diversifying farm incomes – The Leaf Protein Co. is now seeking investors to scale towards pilot production.   

  • Led by
    The Leaf Protein Co.

Eating Quality Tool - A Step Closer to Commercial Reality

AMPC’s investment into South Australian innovation partner MEQ Probe is one step closer to paying dividends for the red meat industry.

The processing sector’s research and development corporation has been providing innovation funding support to MEQ Probe for the past two years with a view to developing a potentially revolutionary tool for measuring eating quality characteristics in hot carcases for both lamb and beef.

  • Led by
    Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC)
Research highlight

The rising potential of Australian perennial wheat

The push to develop perennial wheats suitable for Australian conditions is gathering momentum. Delivering improved sustainability, on-farm profitability, and nutritional outcomes – perennial wheats have everyone from mixed farmers to artisan brewers and bakers excited. 

  • Led by
    New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)
  • In collaboration with
    AgriFutures Australia
Commercial opportunity

Cutting-edge AI plant disease detection set to transform the global food chain

South Australian agritech startup GoMicro is tackling global food loss and food waste head on, developing a cutting-edge technology that will allow farmers and agronomists to detect pests, diseases and assess food quality accurately. Now the startup is looking for deep tech or agricultural investors to support their growth.  

  • Led by
Commercial opportunity

Australian aquaculture is brimming with opportunities

Australia’s fishing and aquaculture sectors are rich with challenges ripe for innovation – and primed with the Fisheries Research Development Corporation’s strategic plan to cast the net wide to harness cross-disciplinary ideas and solve complex problems. 

  • Led by
    Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)