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Highlights from Australian agrifood innovation.

Investment opportunity

Agritech leader, DataFarming launches Series A $5m cap raise

Big data has been spoken about as the next big thing in precision agriculture for years, but uptake has often been limited. DataFarming’s Tim Neale believes enough people and investment are now coming to the sector to turn that around. And with the launch of DataFarming’s Series A $5million capital raise, the future is looking bright. 


Finding and nurturing ‘cool innovation’ with Bayer's Phil Taylor

As the largest agricultural research and development organisation in the world, Bayer Crop Science is at the forefront of innovation. Phil Taylor, the Director of Open Innovation and Outreach for Bayer Crop Science delves into their approach to unlocking ‘cool innovation’ and how growAG. is helping to harness these novel solutions that will benefit growers around the world, including Australia.


Water quality testing tech to deliver fast, cost-effective solution for pork industry

A new on-site rapid water testing device designed to facilitate real-time decision making for better health and nutrition outcomes across Australian pig farms is ready for commercialisation. The Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd, Hone and Ridley are seeking partners testing high volumes of water samples, to support the commercialisation of the product, now listed as an opportunity on growAG..

  • Led by
    Australasian Pork Research Institute Ltd (APRIL)

CRDC seeks partners to commercialise novel bio-pesticide with global potential

Blue sky thinking by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and the University of Western Sydney has uncovered a promising new plant-based compound for combatting common insect pests in cotton, horticulture and broadacre crops. A rare opportunity now exists for a commercial partner to further develop the early-stage biological pesticide with global market potential. Expressions of Interest close Sunday, 31 July 2022. 

  • Led by
    Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Innovation challenge

AgTech and Logistics Hub’s industry-led approach accelerates innovation

Bridging the gap between industry challenges and problem solvers, the AgTech and Logistics Hub is accelerating Australian agrifood innovation – supporting innovators to fast-track solutions to some of the sector’s biggest challenges. Its Open Innovation Challenge 2 is now open for innovators with solutions to reduce inorganic waste and plastics used in horticulture, and closes on 1 July, 2022. 

  • Led by
    AgTech and Logistics Hub
Case study

BuggyBix insect-based pet food range, on track to proving a commercial success

Feeding the growing population is one of the most pressing issues being addressed by global agrifood innovation – but it’s not only human nourishment that’s being investigated. Sydney entrepreneur Shaun Eislers has developed a pet food range using insects as the primary protein source, and is now working with AgriFutures growAG. to connect with investors, wholesalers and distributors.


Bayer Crop Science embraces open innovation

With more than 150 years of research and development under its belt, Bayer Crop Science is taking a collaborative approach when it comes to the future of agriculture. As part of its commitment to driving change and nurturing novel solutions, Bayer has launched three Grants4Ag opportunities, open now and closing 31 July, 2022.  

  • Led by
    Bayer Crop Science

Green hydrogen solution for Australian agriculture, ready for investment

Driving the future of farming, using biowaste to produce 100% renewable and green hydrogen on-site and on-demand is a vision HydGene Renewables is set to achieve. The startup’s low-cost sustainable alternative for ammonia, transport and seasonal energy storage, is now seeking investors to explore alternative feedstocks and scale its technology.

  • Led by
    HydGene Renewables

Water saving agritech solution, Goanna Ag seeks $10m investment to fund US expansion

Australian startup, Goanna Ag has set its sights on the US cotton market. Already used across half of Australia’s irrigated cotton footprint, its market-leading irrigation scheduling solution revolutionises water use efficiency while delivering higher yields. Now the startup is seeking $10 million from investors to support its expansion plans. 

Tim Hyde, CEO & Co-Founding Director at SWAN Systems
Case study

Perth-based SWAN Systems take water and nutrient management to the cloud – and the world

Working as consultants, Tim Hyde, Ivor Gaylard and Rod Campbell could see the enormous benefits of efficient water use and nutrient management in agricultural production, but knew there was scope to systemise the way knowledge and advice was shared. Fast forward six years, and their platform SWAN Systems, is now making inroads to transforming water and fertiliser use on a global stage.