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Scion genetics & improvement: desirable consumer traits

This project aims to develop genetic marker tools to enable more rapid screening of new scion selections for desirable consumer traits. Using existing breeding populations in which segregation occurs for concentrations of positive wine volatile compounds, such as acetate esters and linalool – and those with negative attributes, such as the C6 alcohols – the project aims to understand how positive and negative sensory attributes are controlled genetically in grapes. That information will enable the development of markers to select for specific traits or to eliminate those with potentially negative attributes at the seedling stage. Genetic knowledge will be used to improve our understanding of the biochemistry behind the expression of these traits in grapes and wine. This will ultimately be linked to viticultural interventions, so that wine style can be tailored in the vineyard.

Project date

1 Jul 2017-30 Jun 2022
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Principal investigator

Boss, Paul

Research organisation

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Agriculture and Food

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Multiple industries
Fruits Other rural industries Wine

Wine Australia

Wine Australia helps foster and encourage profitable, resilient and sustainable Australian winegrape and wine businesses by investing in research and …

Multiple industries
Fruits Other rural industries Wine
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