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University of New England (UNE)

The University of New England (UNE) is a global leader in providing inclusive educational experiences advancing the capabilities of our students and staff, and enriching and connecting our communities through excellent research, innovation and partnerships. Our key research, industry engagement and capabilities are recognised within Australia and internationally. UNE has a long and deep pedigree in drawing together multi-disciplinary teams from across its substantial domain expertise.

As part of normal business these teams work with industry and community sectors to define and understand problems and work in an agile framework to develop and implement solutions. The university’s expertise addresses multiple industries and sectors through animal sciences, genetics, agronomy, environmental management, river systems, economics, business, rural communities, psychology, medicine and health, geography, software engineering, data science and analytics, extension, adoption, and commercialisation. UNE is deeply embedded within the rural and regional sector of the Australian economy.

Our Alumni network extends across the country with graduates taking leadership positions in family and corporate farming businesses, agribusiness, natural resource management, policy and industry organisations. Our rural and regional network is strengthened by deep connections between university staff and farmer and community networks, agribusiness, local government and industry organisations. These connections have been built on the back of many years of successful collaborative research and development.

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