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Rainstick is a novel indigenous Australian electrobiology startup combining traditional knowledge systems and modern electrokinetics for the future of food.

Working with Australian Aboriginal elders of the Maiawali people, Rainstick observes a thousand year old tradition of using lightning to support the mycelial network in the soil.

As nations look for ways to address climate change and food security, Rainstick provides an indoor and outdoor acceleration to nutrient dense protein production at a price developing nations can afford.

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Lighting Strike in trees at night
Investment opportunity

Lightning strikes with cultural-inspired innovation to encourage plant growth

Harnessing the power of lightning to advance the science of food production may seem like an impossible task, but a pair of Cairns-based entrepreneurs are turning that dream into reality with Rainstick, an agritech innovation that’s helping speed up growth rates, increase yield and stop mould before it sets in.

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Logo for Rainstick: Indigenous electrobiology SAFE investment round and partner opportunity
Multiple industries

Rainstick: Indigenous electrobiology SAFE investment round and partner opportunity

Opportunity for

  • Deep tech and impact investors with an appetite for transformational technologies to complete our pre-seed round,  see their involvement help us grow and access new opportunities.
  • Early adopters, growers, synthetic biology labs and seed producers interested in collaborating with Rainstick to leverage this novel technology into potential joint venture and licensed partnerships. 
  • Early adopters who would like to see if Rainstick technology can help them produce more, cleaner and tailored products. 

This opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.^

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  • Opportunity type

    Seeking investment, Joint venture, Research partner, Field trial

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