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ManukaLife Pty Ltd

Manukalife Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company that develops premium grade Manuka products. Our products are created based on science, research and our plant breeding programs which produce elite genetics delivering high internal rates of return. Our goal is to become an enabler commercialising elite genetics into large Manuka plantations in Australia, producing world-class Manuka and developing high value products with fully integrated supply chains for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health industries. We aim to foster a sustainable Manuka industry in Australia that has global reach and influence and to create significant shareholder value and returns.

Our core business:

  • Plant breeding programs for the production of elite genetics providing high quality Manuka honey and oil
  • Development of high quality Manuka honey & oil plantations delivering large quantities of long term supply
  • Establishment of global distribution channels
  • Production of high value goods for the health, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical markets.

Manuka honey is derived specifically from the Leptospermum plants, native to Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the highest natural occurring antibacterial products and has enormous potential in medical, pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetic applications. This special honey contains scientifically proven high level of antibiotic activity.

Manuka oil is derived from one of nature’s most potent plants (Leptospermum), it contains strong antimicrobial properties making it antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory. Manuka becoming a must-have essential oil and is one of the newest and most versatile additions to the aromatherapy family. The unique chemical composition and the presence of bioactive β-triketones found in this multi-purpose oil make it very effective in assisting wounds burns and scar healing, promoting healthy looking skin or for relieving feelings of stress through aromatherapy.

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