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AgThentic is a global strategy and advisory firm working at the intersection of technology and agriculture to help innovators build the food system of the future. We work with agribusiness and industry to evaluate emerging technologies, engage with the food and agricultural innovation ecosystem, and scale business model innovations that lead to adoption and impact.

We provide unique insights and deep expertise to help organisations understand and harness the processes that unlock the potential of innovative agriculture for global impact.

We have been recognised for the following key attributes:

  • Ability to translate between stakeholders to create shared understanding and drive insights
  • AgThentic is able to translate abstract and complex ideas into practical, commercially sound, on-the-ground implications for growers, academia, business, and government
  • AgThentic is known and respected for a professional yet engaging facilitation and communication style that integrates diverse perspectives to drive impactful outcomes
  • Commercial acumen to understand incentives and business models
  • AgThentic brings domain expertise as entrepreneurs, investors, and farmers to offer practical assessments of the commercial incentives at play and their expected effects on a given opportunity.

Hypothesis-driven, iterative project approach

Unlike other consulting and advisory firms, AgThentic takes a hypothesis-driven and iterative approach to projects. By starting with a hypothesis, defining areas of exploration, and then seeking evidence, AgThentic projects are able to progress quickly while remaining responsive to newly uncovered information and requirements. This iterative approach enables clients and stakeholders to contribute, without impacting the scope or budget.

Pragmatic and Connected

AgThentic brings a level of real-world pragmatism and industry connectivity that will deliver actionable insights. Our focus is on how to make change and drive adoption.

We also host a globally recognized podcast called AgTech...So What? that tells the stories of non-traditional innovators solving big problems at the intersection of agriculture and technology.

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