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Seeding success across the Trans-Tasman: New Zealand opportunities open to Australia

Similar structures and systems? Tick. Shared challenges in climate adaptions, biosecurity and access to labour? Tick. Cultural familiarity? Big tick. New Zealand and Australia are well-placed to work together to drive agrifood innovation.

With the AgriFutures growAG. team heading to the E Tipu: Boma Agri Summit on 18-19 June 2024, we’re shining the spotlight on world leading research, technologies, and commercialisation opportunities coming from New Zealand. And where to find them? Right here on AgriFutures growAG. 

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1. Nanobubble Agritech

Nanobubble Agritech systems deliver a step-change in productivity for irrigated crops and use less water than conventional irrigation systems to do it.

Opportunity for;

· Investors and commercial partners looking to back disruptor technology, moving from start-up to operating in market, at an international scale.

· Farmers and growers looking to sit at the frontier of irrigated production, interested in trialing partial or full-scale installations on-farm or in-orchard to build dataset of plant/crop impact across industries.

Explore here: Nanobubble Agritech: Irrigation technology - seed investment

2. ProTag

Advanced direct to satellite animal monitoring technology unlocking open collaboration from industry experts so farmers can optimise their farm management, using novel real-time location technology and advanced AI behaviour modelling.

Opportunity for;

ProTag is seeking $2m investment from agritech investors and partnerships with:

·  Farm management platforms

·  Environmental and animal health improvement and open source data sharing companies

·  Collaboratively minded IoT companies

·  Pharmaceutical companies

·  Beef, sheep and dairy industry bodies.

Explore here: ProTag: smart livestock tag - investment opportunity

3. Daisy Lab

Daisy Lab is a precision fermentation dairy company located in New Zealand, a nation famous for exporting agricultural products like wool, meat and dairy.

Opportunity for;

·  Venture capital, family offices, corporate investors and strategic partners interested in precision fermentation technology.
·  Dairy industries, research or trial partners interested to connect, invest, or collaborate.

Explore here: Daisy Lab: Producing dairy identical proteins without the cow - Series A raise

4. AgResearch

AgResearch supports the primary sector and the New Zealand Government’s science and innovation priority areas. It currently has the following opportunities listed with growAG.:

Opportunity for;

·  Centre pivot and lateral overhead irrigation manufacturers, irrigation control system integration.

Explore here: AgResearch NZ: Surface Water Assessment and Mitigation for Irrigation (SWAMI) - Licensing

Opportunity for;

·  Industry partners and investors, venture capital firms, for a co-investment opportunity with AgResearch.

Explore here: AgResearch: Map & Zap® - AI driven early growth stage weed identification and laser-zapping solution

Opportunity for; 

·  Ag chem companies interested in supporting early R&D of bio control crop protection products
·  Animal health companies interested in supporting early R&D of antimicrobial products for livestock

Explore here: AgResearch: Bioactive molecules as antimicrobial products - research partnership

5. Fleecegrow

Fleecegrow is a research startup with a prototype sheep's wool growing medium, aiming to solve the sustainability and supply challenges for growers without compromising productivity.

Opportunity for;

· Potential future trial partners including nurseries, greenhouses and angel investors and collaborators. 

Explore here: Fleecegrow: sheep wool growing media - investment opportunity

6. The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited

Plant & Food Research NZ’s research creates healthy, nutritious foods produced from the world’s best food systems. Together with partners, it uses world-leading science to improve the way they grow, fish, harvest, prepare and share food.

Opportunity for;

·  Autonomous robotic technology providers who could provide image gathering capability.

·  Wineries who are willing to participate in future trials.

·  Research partners who are working on other disease sensing projects who seek collaboration opportunities.

Explore here: Plant & Food Research NZ: VinEye - Grapevine Leafroll Disease Sensing Technology

In the spirit of trans-tasman collaboration, here’s three Australian opportunities open to New Zealand

1. Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA)

FaBA is Australia’s Food and Beverage Accelerator. The Australian Government’s Trailblazer Universities Program, delivered by the Department of Education, builds new research capabilities, drives commercialisation outcomes and invests in training.

Opportunity for;

· Australian companies or foreign corporations that have assets in Australia that process Australian grains and/or legumes in Australia to apply for product development funding.

Explore here: Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) and GRDC Investment Round – funding opportunity

2. Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)

GRDC's purpose is to invest in RD&E to create enduring profitability for Australian growers. It invests in projects and partnerships that drive profitability, productivity within Australia’s grains industry.

Opportunity for;

·  Australian and global solution providers, researchers, startups and innovators

·  GRDC encourages responses from traditional and non-traditional partners; Australian and international organisations; public and private entities.

Explore here: GRDC: Accelerating genetic gain - Breeder facing AI tools

3. CarbonScribe

CarbonScribe is an early-stage startup that helps agricultural operators and food manufacturers measure their emissions and create viable pathways for meeting targets. The all-in-one data platform will integrate into your existing accounting and ERP systems and will simplify data aggregation and reporting.

Opportunity for;

·  Any agricultural operator or manufacturer who needs to report or reduce their emissions. This might be to attract: investment, serve new markets, reduce operating costs, help the environment and satisfy existing customers, or any other number of reasons.

Explore here: CarbonScribe: Pilot project to help you quantify and reduce your emissions - trial partners

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