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CarbonScribe is an early stage startup that helps agricultural operators and food manufacturers measure their emissions and create viable pathways for meeting targets. The all-in-one data platform will integrate into your existing accounting and ERP systems and will simplify data aggregation and reporting.

Simplify your climate-related financial risk analysis and unlock new markets by easily reporting on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. With investors increasingly seeking emissions data from their portfolio, we can cut down on the time and hassle associated with your reporting.

Given that your suppliers are still using email to send their emissions numbers, supplier engagement can be automated with AI-powered email integrations. Their responses can easily be processed into your data set, and collated with other real-time datasets so you’re always up to date with your emissions trajectory.

Our PathFinder AI can help you plan your investments to meet your emissions targets in time. We can create a digital twin of your processes to fully understand the context of your operations and let AI models predict how changing some variables or entire processes can change the efficiency and behaviour of your system.

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Logo for CarbonScribe: Pilot project to help you quantify and reduce your emissions - trial partners
Multiple industries

CarbonScribe: Pilot project to help you quantify and reduce your emissions - trial partners

Opportunity for

  • any agricultural producer who needs to report or reduce their emissions. This might be to attract investment, serve new markets, reduce operating costs, help the environment, satisfy existing customers, or any other number of reasons.
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    Seeking interest, Field trial, Ideation, Seeking partners

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    Early to Mid (TRL 1-7)
    For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are in the early to mid stages of readiness.

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