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Daisy Lab

Daisy Lab produces dairy-identical proteins without the use of cows. By utilizing precision fermentation technology, we use yeast to create dairy proteins through a process similar to brewing beer. These microbial dairy proteins are identical to traditional dairy proteins but are produced in a much more sustainable manner. Our yeast strains are capable of producing and secreting large amounts (at grams per litre scale) of proteins that are over 95% pure, effectively demonstrating the feasibility of our technology.

Daisy Lab's technology is designed to work with existing downstream dairy processing equipment. This means our proteins can be purified and processed just like traditional dairy proteins, allowing for the use of current equipment. This leads to significant cost savings in capital expenditure. As a result, traditional dairy companies in New Zealand, Australia, and other regions can adopt Daisy Lab's precision fermentation technology in their operations during periods of low milk production, or in cases where it is more cost-efficient than using cow's milk. This enables sustainable future-proofing for operations.

These dairy-identical proteins can be used to create products such as milk, yoghurt, and cheese that mimic the texture, consistency, and taste of traditional dairy products, unlike current vegan dairy alternatives. Daisy Lab’s mission is to provide an ethical and environmentally sustainable option for all consumers, whether they are vegan or not, without compromising on taste and texture.

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Logo for Daisy Lab: Producing dairy identical proteins without the cow - Series A raise
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Daisy Lab: Producing dairy identical proteins without the cow - Series A raise

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  • Venture capital, family offices, corporate investors and strategic partners interested in precision fermentation technology.
  • Dairy industries, research or trial partners interested to connect, invest, or collaborate.

^This opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.

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    Daisy Lab

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    Seeking investment, Seeking partners

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    Sunday, 30 June 2024 22:00 Australia/Sydney

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    Early to Mid (TRL 1-7)
    For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are in the early to mid stages of readiness.

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