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Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF)

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has been the voice of Victorian farmers and rural communities since 1979. We advocate on the issues that matter most to farmers and exist to help make Victorian farmers lives better and enhance our future. Even though farming has its own natural challenges from droughts, bushfires and floods, our members have collectively earned the VFF a reputation as a respected leader, contributor and lobbyist.

The VFF consists of seven Commodity Groups – Dairy (UDV), Livestock, Grains, Horticulture (incorporating Flowers Victoria), Chicken Meat, Eggs and Pigs. VFF members lead each of these groups and, with the support of Melbourne and regional based staff, provide the power to effectively influence all levels of government on the wide range of issues that impact on modern farming.

Our vision is to create an environment for farmers that enables profitable, safe and sustainable production, within a community that values and respects the farm sector.

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