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University of New South Wales (UNSW)

UNSW is a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching and innovation. We are one of the top 100 universities in the world, with more than 59,000 students and a 7,000-strong research community. The University was established in 1949 with a unique focus on the scientific, technological and professional disciplines, and their application to address real world problems.

UNSW is home to leading experts across a spectrum of agriculture-relevant domains, including food science, robotics & artificial intelligence, ecology & land management, and energy solutions & microgrids. Summaries of our key capabilities can be found explored here:

UNSW is also home to a number of leading research & development institutions relevant to the future of agriculture, including:

The Future Food Systems Centre for Cooperative Research (CRC)

The Future Food Systems CRC was created to power innovation and growth in the agrifood sector by accelerating the adoption of new technologies, in a decentralised, regionally contextualised manner to improve resilience and sustainability across a range of agriculture domains. Working with government and industry stakeholders across the food sector, the CRC seeks to design environmentally efficient farm-to-consumer production systems, drawing on high tech, scalable solutions developed with industry, government and research partners.

The Climate Change Research Centre & the Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

These internationally renowned, multi-diciplinary Centres seek to improve our understanding of the processes that trigger or enhance extremes and build this understanding into our modelling systems. The improved predictions of climate extremes will help Australian farmers to recognise changes and cope with extremes now and in the future.

Centre for Marine Science and Innovation (CMSI)

The CMSI focuses on researching fundamental knowledge on the functions, processes, interactions, and changes in the marine environment and use this to develop innovative solutions for management, conservation, and economic developments.

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