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Queensland University Technology Centre for Robotics

The next agricultural revolution will be driven by the use of digital technologies, informatics & cybernetics. At QUT, we bring together elements of technology, society, and biology and enable the use of information, extracted from purposefully collected data, to manage agricultural production systems: optimise yield and quality and increase efficiency whilst ensuring sustainability.

The QUT Centre for Robotics builds on a decade of investment at QUT in robotic research and translation which has been funded by QUT, Australian Research Council, Queensland Government, cooperative research centres and industry.

The Centre is at the forefront of research and innovation in intelligent robotics and is committed to translating research into commercial and societal outcomes. We also lead education, training and development of talent to meet growing demands.

Our research programs span five major areas:

  • Physical interaction – how a robot interacts with the physical world
  • Perception and localisation - how a robot or autonomous vehicle uses perception to createmaps and calculate and track its location in the world
  • Visual learning and understanding - how a robot can learn to reliably interpret its environment, and build an internal representation of its surroundings in order to decide on its actions
  • Decision and control - how to reliably make autonomous decisions and control for robots in the presence of uncertainty
  • Human interaction - how robots can effectively interact socially with humans

Our expertise and current research activities include aspects related to:

  • Sensors and sensor networks
  • Computer-human, cognition interaction
  • Text mining and customer sentiment analysis
  • Data Science, big data analytics, data visualisation
  • Decision science and operations research
  • Mathematical modelling and computation
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Management, economics, business models
  • Law and policy

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