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Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF)

About Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) DAF works to achieve a productive and profitable agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector by promoting sustainability and innovation. We apply science to improve production and products, lead the fight on animal and plant pests and diseases, secure market supply chains and assist trade opportunities. We operate in more than 90 locations across Queensland, which includes 25 research and product development sites and seven field sites.

Our contribution Here are some examples of DAF’s commitment to continuous improvement:

  • DAF drives innovation in Queensland’s agriculture and food industries through world-class research, development and extension (RD&E). Learn about our research into superior fruit varieties.
  • We support agribusinesses with information, technologies and tools to increase productivity and profitability of the sector. An example of this is our work with the University of Queensland on the development of a Dairy Dashboard.
  • We work with and connect agribusinesses and rural communities to grow the value chain, exports and investment. We use AgTech to monitor fresh produce consignments through the supply chain to improve quality.
  • We support businesses to build natural capital, and maintain high levels of biosecurity and enhance ecosystem services that protect the environment.
  • We transform pest and disease management through systems approaches. Our banana research team is working on new banana varieties resistant to Panama disease TR4.
  • We manage risks to production, and work with business to grow and develop food products that ensure continuous supply of safe and nutritious food, and build consumer confidence. For example, our researchers have developed a disease-resistant mungbean with high yield potential.

Collaboration DAF works collaboratively with industry bodies, research organisations, government agencies, and agribusinesses to deliver programs and activities to advance Queensland agriculture. Reach out to find out more and explore the opportunities. T: 13 25 23 E: [email protected]



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