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Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is a technical institution offering industry demand-driven programming with an intensive focus on agriculture and technology.

Olds College is known for high-tech, hands-on agriculture education and innovative applied research that lays the foundation for solving real-world problems in farming, food and land, it is one of Canada's top 5 research colleges.

Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is the applied research division of Olds College, and focuses on practical, industry-driven applied research that can be easily implemented by the agriculture industry. Industry partners connect with OCCI for support in the development and testing of innovative products in the core areas of crop production, livestock production, environmental stewardship, cereal breeding and technology integration.

The Olds College Smart Farm is made up of 3,600 acres of land for crop and forage production including state-of-the-art equipment and technology, 1,000-head capacity feedlot, commercial cow/calf herd, purebred red angus herd and sheep flock — as well as expertise and leadership in ag tech research and development. The smart farm also has access to greenhouses, labs, incubator space, a brewery, the national meat training centre, plus additional infrastructure at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology.

The purpose of the Olds College Smart Farm is to implement the world's best digital agriculture technologies for crop and livestock production; improve farming operations and efficiencies through smart technologies and practices; and utilize technologies for world class education, demonstration, and applied research. New technologies for agriculture require in-field testing and validation in the setting of an operating farm to move through the innovation chain, and into the hands of farmers and producers. Since the Smart Farm is connected to a post-secondary institution, it has the space and flexibility to incorporate projects, activities and initiatives into day-to-day farming operations.

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