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Northern Territory [NT] Farmers Association

The Northern Territory Farmers Association (NT Farmers) represents and advocates for the plant-based industries of the NT. As a peak industry body, NT Farmers promotes agricultural development in the Northern Territory and directly assists growers with a comprehensive range of support services.

The association is at the forefront of driving agricultural policy and investment in northern Australia. NT Farmers organise and host the biennial Developing Northern Australia Food Futures Conference and yearly regional roadshows. Work undertaken by the association has been instrumental in growing the value of the plant based agricultural sector in the NT.

NT Farmer’s mission is to assist the NT plant based agricultural industry reach $1 billion in farm gate output by 2030. The industry’s current growth trajectory of over 10% per annum is on track to achieve the goal with the assistance of NT Farmers activities.

Direct support activities to the industry include biosecurity awareness, horticultural extension and advice, the promotion of the industry to job seekers, agricultural education activities in classrooms and industry field days. The association was formed eight years ago as a result of an amalgamation between the Northern Territory Agricultural and Horticultural Associations.

NT Farmers’ is a not for profit association that receives project funding from the public and private sector.

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