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Mudgeten PTY LTD

Mudgeten PTY LTD T/A The Gourmet Entertainer (branded as t3ge) founded and operated by Teresa McLuckie. As both a graphic designer and a food developer, Teresa sources rare, high quality, ethical and sustainable ingredients and develops new premium eCommerce and retail food products for Australian and export markets.

Teresa collaborated with Lenswood Cold Store in 2020, creating Lenswood Foods PTY LTD to add value to apples. The Redlove apple is grown by a small number of growers mostly in South Australia. The apple is proven to be high in Anthocyanins due to its red flesh - a result of hybrid breeding between pomegranate and green apple. Teresa has been working toward the goal of developing a nutraceutical with the apple and is undertaking a CSIRO Innovate to Grow program and Practera student researchers to create a product for export to Japan and China.

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