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Laava delivers the The Global Mark of Trust (TM) with our revolutionary Smart Fingerprint technology.

We help brands authenticate their products and services, securely connect with customers, prove their claims and engage deeply.

Developed in collaboration with Australia's premier scientific organisation CSIRO, Laava Smart Fingerprints are scannable, randomly generated images, not codes which are unique per item, making them more secure than a QR code, and simpler, more reliable and more cost effective than alternatives.

Laava uses conventional digital printing technology, and needs no special labels, inks, apps or other technology making it the world's first globally scalable alternative to QR codes.

Laava integrates with and can be fully white labelled by platforms and apps (including traceability, marketing and ERP), and we work collaboratively with partners globally to ensure integrity in products, documents, NFTs, assets and digital experiences.

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