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Kinship Farms

Kinship’s overarching mission is the development and support in the integration of sustainable farming systems and primary produce within peri-urban and urban farming zones.

As stated in the United Nations Environment Plan (UNEP) – “the demand for food is projected to increase by 60 per cent by 2050”. However, meeting this level of demand is unattainable under current practices. The UNEP argues that the world must “rebuild our food systems to make them more sustainable, productive, and resilient”, and this “is essential for solving long-term hunger challenges” (

Kinship Farms identifies through the UN’s FAO ‘urban food agenda’ ( how important peri-urban and urban farms are in securing sustainable food security for our future, and establish verifiable, traceable, climate positive food supply chains working to achieve the UNEP predictions.

By 2050 it is projected by the UN’s FAO, that two-thirds of the world population will live within urban and peri-urban zones. Currently farms within these zones only produce 20% of global food supplies; this needs to increase to help meet the level of demand estimated to increase to 70% of food grown globally, within these same two key centres of population. Developing efficient, high yielding farms that produce a diversity of nutrient rich and chemical free food, within the existing footprints of these two urban zones, is critical to ensure climate positive accessibility to one of our key necessities next to oxygen, water and sunlight - food. Adapting the UNEP’s ‘agroecological’ principles, Kinship is in the advanced stages of development of their maiden farm – the Greenlands Project. The project has already gained support from major Government and non-government agencies and organisations , and will integrate all inputs to showcase a ‘farm for the future’.. Today!

Kinship has secured access to a 48Ha rural property within Western Australia’s ‘Peel Food Zone’ (across the Shires of Murray and Serpentine-Jarrahdale). The Peel Food Zone is a 42,000Ha region housing what is typically referred to as a ‘peri-urban farm’. Kinship is combining an incredible level of diversity into the Greenlands Project by pairing the UNEP’s agroecological principles with cutting-edge ‘agri-tech’ systems.

After successfully securing seed investment of roll-out phases 1 and 2 of the Greenlands Project, Kinship is opening the Series A round of investment to enable a number of key growth strategies to this ‘social enterprise’ in the areas of proprietary platform development, establish 3rd party partnerships, achieving beneficial M&A deals, and structure the Kinship Farms financial model for farming enterprises integrating the Holistic Kinship Farming model.

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