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iTrazo TraceTech

iTrazo TraceTech are pioneers in trace technology based in Melbourne, Australia with global delivery capability. They have developed their own Traceability platform iTrazo ADI (Active Digital Identity), a highly scalable track and trace software that can be used by many industries. In close collaboration with our partners, iTrazo is empowering Agriculture industry with digital track and trace capabilities. This platform tracks every step in the life of a product, asset, or service and traceability is achieved using trace tech input such as QR codes, GS1 codes, Digital Certificate, NFC, RFID, IoT or integration with internal or external applications making the entire supply chain tamper-proof and trusted.

Based on scalable technologies using EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) it enables storing, processing, and analysing billions of track and trace events in near real time.

iTrazo ADI assists in the tracking and tracing of products, materials, and services across a supply chain or a network of supply chains. Data is automatically captured with available trace and scanning technologies, with real time geolocation services allowing easy monitoring of every item. The platform offers complete consumers engagement at point of purchase and consumption and integrators can utilise the scalable repository and software “as is” or adapt it according to unique needs - business, regulatory and process requirement. The platform creates and empowers the capability to view one aggregated picture of the supply chain or network of supply chains - both downstream and upstream with real time data insights.

Their vision is to enhance security, transparency, accountability, and communication for products and services around the world.

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