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IP Active

IP Active focuses on assessing research investments and their value in the Australian agrifood market. IP Active specialises in providing IP management and technology commercialisation services to private and government research and development organisations. These services have been developed from more than 25 years experience in R&D management, IP management and product commercialisation.

IP Active manages investment partnerships and finds the best possible protection and markets for customers' innovation or products. They focus on the needs of the organisation but also the technologies they develop so that commercial success can be achieved as efficiently as possible.

IP Active conducts Intellectual Property (IP) reviews and IP audits of research outcomes and designs internal IP management procedures and management systems. Our IP Solutions manage and track the IP elements of research investments using an online project-based IP Management system.

IP Active has worked with many of the rural Research and Development Corporations and is interested in collaborating with other organisations in the agrifood space.

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