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GHD offers a unique blend of knowledge and practical experience of agricultural, forestry and fishery systems, commodities and markets, natural resources management, economics and policy, water and biodiversity. Our integrated approach to agribusiness solutions encompasses the entire supply chain.

Key areas that we focus on include:

  • Agricultural and natural resource economics - Rigorous economic analysis to support policy formulation and decision-making is a fundamental requirement of our clients. We are proficient in a range of techniques; including triple bottom line cost benefit analysis, economic impact analysis, financial analysis and socio-economic assessments.
  • Program reviews and impact assessments - Our team has extensive experience completing large scale and complex reviews, including performance reviews and project / program appraisals for agricultural industry bodies.
  • Technology reviews and digital integration – Together with GHD’s Digital service offering, our team can reviews agtech opportunities and design integrated digital systems.
  • Regulatory and compliance monitoring - Our team provides comprehensive services for the design, construction and operation of cost-effective manure and wastewater storage and treatment facilities.
  • Feasibility studies and Business Cases - We have extensive experience in evaluating and comparing the economic and financial feasibility of agricultural developments, including processing plants, irrigation developments and production expansion.
  • Facility planning and design - Whether for a new facility, an expansion of present operations, or an upgrade to meet environmental regulations, we offer expertise in facility design to leverage operations.
  • Agricultural impact assessments - Our team provides strategic planning and land use services to identify and assess the potential impacts of development and infrastructure on agriculture.
  • Farm management - We provide comprehensive services in irrigation management, agricultural production, environmental monitoring and reporting, pest and weed management, and native flora and fauna management.

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