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FreshChain Systems Pty Ltd

FreshChain is a fully integrated, blockchain enabled, paddock to plate assurance system that verifies the food you eat. Consumers can scan a unique serialised QR code using any smartphone to learn about product provenance, pick and pack date, storage conditions, recipes, new varieties and other key information.

Engage consumers in real time with content that interests them. Protect your brands in export markets against counterfeit/food fraud. Reduce food waste using our fresh detection system.

Our products and services include: Unique, encrypted and serialised QR codes tracking product from paddock to plate. This allows direct communication with consumers, they receive direct feedback - ratings and comments.

Advanced analytics including:

  • Distribution and consumer scan maps
  • Consumer demographics and activity reporting including suspicious AI predictive reporting to assist in best varieties/locations and yields
  • Bespoke fresh detection monitors tracking temperature, light, moisture, movement and orientation
  • A critical food incident investigation tool built into the platform.

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