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Drone-Hand simplifies an industry problem by reducing the costs, risks & time spent on livestock monitoring, through a subscription based, Ai-driven, autonomous drone flightapp with training and support packages.

Farmers spend hours checking livestock, regardless of many challenges such as:

  • rough & inaccessible land -disturbance of livestock -farmer's physical limitations / time constraints -increasing staffing costs -climate events.

Integrating our proprietary Ai model with an automated drone flight-app, Drone-Hand addresses these challenges & cuts the time spent on livestock monitoring by:

  • An accurate stock count
  • Stock location
  • Identification of potential stock issues
  • Increased efficiency & reduced costs

There's no need open gates, to risk injury or vehicle damage, no need to pay staff, and no need to disturb your livestock, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Drone-Hand cuts the time spent on livestock monitoring dramatically.

Designed to work with off the shelf drones to long distance enterprise drones. Integrable with "Drone-in-a-Box" remote stations allowing the coverage of small to very large farms.

As the son of a livestock farmer, and as a professional commercial drone services provider, I've witnessed the challenges faced by Australian farmers. Challenges that are only becoming more frequent as average age increases, climate events become more unpredictable and common, and as staffing costs go up.

By building Drone-Hand I aim to reduce the challenges faced by livestock producers, increase efficiency (& income), and make it easier for farmers to stay on their land longer.

I’ve partnered with one of the best artificial intelligence/advanced machine learning experts in the world, Seb Haan. A renowned research data scientist, astrophysicist, and machine learning engineer. Together, we are making “the future” accessible to farmers today.

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