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Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) [WA]

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) [WA] conducts research and development to grow and protect Western Australia’s primary industries – including agriculture (grains, livestock, horticulture), commercial fisheries and aquaculture. It provides for the sustainable use of natural resources and soils, seeking to protect WA’s brand and reputation as a reliable producer of premium, clean and a safe food, products and services.

The department’s goal is to enable the primary industries sector to increase international competitiveness and accelerate economic growth, job creation and the development of vibrant regional communities.

The department actively engages and partners with industry at an enterprise and organisational level and works closely with relevant government agencies at the State and Commonwealth level to deliver outcomes for industry. It seeks to attract and leverage industry investment to strengthen international market access and marketing.

Our highly skilled staff located throughout Western Australia deliver a diverse range of services to support our primary industries to enhance value across the supply chain. We partner with industry, private business and research institutions throughout the world to drive profitability and productivity and generate innovation, knowledge and excellence in the sector.

DPIRD has research collaborations with a range of government, industry and funding bodies.


Western Australia

Organisation type

Government agency, Public research organisation, Research service providers

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