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Deep Planet

Deep Planet has developed scalable and cost-effective precision agriculture tools for vineyards and farms. Our tools leverage satellite imagery and machine learning to provide comprehensive vineyard management support, quantify soil organic carbon and improve sustainability for broadacre farmers and supply chains.

Deep Planet offers the following tools to farmers around the world:

  • Winemaking and harvest logistics: optimise harvest efficiency and improve quality with accurate predictions of sugar levels, harvest date and variability in sugar content.
  • Disease detection: detect major vineyard pests and diseases and optimise pesticide application.
  • Soil health: detect and monitor soil nutrient (NPK) and carbon levels and visualise their spatial variability. This helps adjust fertiliser and compost application, reducing resource use and environmental impact (e.g., from nitrogen leaching).
  • Sustainability and regional monitoring: assist sustainability initiatives with regional soil carbon detection, monitoring of changes in soil organic carbon over time and soil stratification for sampling.

We are looking to work with farmers, retailers and wine producers to increase the adoption of our technology and continue co-developing it. We are also looking for R&D partners for joint research projects.

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