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Custom Enzymes

Custom Enzymes is in the business of green chemistry utilising nature and its biology to assist farmers and producers overcome daily challenges. Their agricultural roadmap has been specifically designed to integrate biology that can introduce beneficial inputs to demonstrate a positive impact on agricultural processes, no matter what is grown, they provide a solution.

This unique innovation in biotechnology has allowed them to create a positive impact, leading to the development of products that contribute to the overall quality required by today’s consumer. Furthermore, it’s not just about how it is grown. On farm, non-food related processes also come with their challenges. This is where they can also impact, such as IPM, Biosecurity, unmade road stability.

They consistently innovate and seek collaborative opportunities to further our R&D, trial sites that provide the validation necessary to demonstrate how they can make a positive impact to soil health, contamination, remediation, pests and disease and reduced water use.

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