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Croptimistic Technology Pty Ltd.

Croptimistic Technology is a global leader in premium precision agriculture services. It is an international AgTech company providing SWAT MAPS, a turn-key variable rate process that combines soil, water, and topography factors of fields for the creation of precision management zones and variable rate input prescriptions.

SWAT RECORDS software powers the entire SWAT ECOSYSTEM of products that includes SWAT BOX and SWAT CAM. Through a growing network of skilled agronomy service providers, a growing number of Australian farms are using SWAT MAPS and SWAT CAM to map, measure and manage soil and crop variability to apply inputs and benefit farm economics, risk management, and provide environmental benefits.

Croptimistic has approximately 4 years of history supporting Australian agronomy companies, and in 2022 incorporated a subsidiary based in Queensland to support and scale up the growing Australian business. Supported by a staff of over 80 people, Croptimistic's continued investment in innovative hardware, software, and AI will enable broader scale use of precision agriculture in Australia through improved scalability and affordability.

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