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Centre for Crop and Disease Management

With co-investment by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Curtin University, research by the Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM) is providing Australian farmers with long term solutions for managing crops and major pathogens.

Since CCDM’s establishment in 2014, the Centre continues to tackle major fungal pathogens of wheat, barley, canola and pulses, and has always promptly responded to industry needs to ensure a future of improved crops and more sustainable and integrated disease management.

Collaborating with growers, agronomists, breeders, life science companies and researchers, CCDM delivers its impact-led research through the following areas:

  • Fungicide Resistance: In this area of research, CCDM’s goal is to optimise the economic return on grower investment in fungicide and genetic resources, through chemical resistance management, and the capacity to predict and manage disease impact on production.
  • Cereal Diseases: By focusing on four major cereal diseases, the Centre aims to substantially improve gross profits and yield stability for Australian grain growers through the adoption and use of resistant varieties.
  • Canola and Pulse Diseases: In this area of research CCDM aims to help growers become more profitable by cost-effectively using emerging sources of genetic resistance and sustainable use of fungicides to manage sclerotinia stem rot (SSR) in canola and ascochyta blight in pulses, as well as improve overall yield stability and profits through greater adoption of canola and pulses into rotation systems.
  • Foundation Projects: To support the three key areas of research, CCDM has established blue-sky research projects through the areas of bioinformatics, physiological impacts of disease, the genomics of co-infection and improving return on agribusiness investment.

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