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Canberra Region Food Collaborative (CRFC)

The CFRC is an initiative of RDA ACT through its AgriFood Hub, establishing an integrated, sustainable, inclusive food system to better serve the needs of our residents for more plentiful, fresher and cheaper food. By coordinating and encouraging projects and initiatives which shorten the food supply chain and integrate water saving, soil regeneration and renewable energy – it will:

  • help meet the ACT emission targets and the sustainability objectives for the city
  • boost jobs outcomes across the food supply chain, including tourism & hospitality
  • help diversify the Canberra Economy away from services focused on serving government

By encouraging local, inclusive and ethical food production systems it will also provide:

  • more food security by creating a local buffer against shortages & high prices
  • strong social impacts for disadvantaged groups, community wellbeing and health
  • the Canberra Community with more control and choices over the food it eats

It will preferentially support food providers who are in or closer to Canberra and the broader Canberra Region who pursue the most sustainable, ethical production and sourcing practices possible. It will collaborate on technology and innovation and with Canberra-based research and skills providers including ANU, UC, CSIRO, CEAT, CBRIN and CIT.

Based on our own analysis and studies of socio-economic impacts in similar City-Regions’ food programs around the world it has the potential to:

  • generate 3,000 to 6,000 new jobs depending on the market share achieved.
  • a gross output multiplier of 1.75 (every dollar invested produces $1.75 dollars in further output)
  • an employment multiplier of 2.14 (for every food job created a further 2 jobs are generated).
  • drive grocery prices down by as much as $400m per annum for Canberra consumers.
  • increase inward investment by at least $100 míllion over 4 years.

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