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Australian Crayfish Hatchery

Freshwater crayfish are in increasing global demand. Global markets are large (US$8.0 billion) and increasing however demand consistently exceeds supply. This is due to traditional production methods which are high risk producing inconsistent production outputs thus the capacity to increase production to meet market demand cannot be reached.

Australian Crayfish Hatchery (ACH) is a platform for converging innovative technologies, covering all aspects of Redclaw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus) production, including broodstock management (microchipped for traceability), breeding (vertical facility), disease management (antibiotic free), hatching, larval rearing (patented), fishmeal-free feed, and water management (RAS). These technologies are not species specific and can be used in the culture of other commercially important freshwater crayfish species.

This approach is proven to reduce; water and land usage, labour and guess work in egg production, and environmental impacts providing a steady supply of export quality crayfish all year round addressing some of aquacultures major challenges. Furthermore, the established selective breeding program utilising microchipping methods for breeders has enabled full traceability of stock and family lines and production from egg to export size has been demonstrated with a footprint less than 600 square meters.

ACH technologies underpin the establishment of intensive vertical redclaw production farms, considered a highly sustainable agribusiness through integrated aquaculture and agriculture systems. The development of intensive vertical production farms contributes to water efficiency objectives through multiple use of water and a significant reduction in land use. In general, vertical systems improve yields from 3 tonne/hectare (industry average, pond-based culture) to 16 tonne/hectare.

ACH is seeking assistance from investors and partners to raise capital to establish an intensive vertical production farm for redclaw crayfish.

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Australian Crayfish Hatchery: intensive vertical aquaculture licensing opportunity

Opportunity for

  • Investors and commercial partners interested in the establishment of sustainable, intensive, vertical aquaculture production systems
  • Partners skilled and knowledgeable in business scaleup including international marketing, seafood sales and distribution, business/finance expertise, with a focus on sustainable aquaculture.
  • Led by

    Australian Crayfish Hatchery

  • Opportunity type


  • Express interest by

    28 February 2023

  • Readiness
    Mid to Late (TRL 5-9)
    For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are in the mid to late stages of readiness.

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