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Algae Pharm

Algae Pharm is producing an exciting new plant-based health food ingredient with nutritional benefits for both humans and animals that is produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

It appeals to consumers that are seeking plant-based, negative carbon footprint and environmental sustainably grown food.

Our algae product is a plant-based Omega 3 solution that delivers nutrients that help inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular health and cholesterol in human and animal diets.

We use a low cost, closed loop production system that utilises four keys natural resources: non-arable land, non-potable water, CO2 and sunlight. Unlike many other types of farming, we harvest daily and then recycle our water, all while producing zero waste. Traditionally these Omega 3 essential fatty acids are sourced by harvesting ocean fish resulting in a depletion of fish stocks.

Algae farming can deliver on the future needs of Omega 3 that fish farming cannot sustain. We have a model that can be installed into any global location that has been identified as suitable for algae farming.

With the ability to increase capacity 10 times at the current facility, Algae Pharm is a highly productive model with a low land footprint. It is a testimony of sustainable, modern farming and food manufacturing. What we are doing is new and cutting edge.

We are in an optimal position to take advantage of this new way of farming for food, being based in Australia, with an abundance of natural sunlight and a clean green image. Algae farming is a natural extension of the Woods heritage in farming, business to business relationships and research and development.

Our vision is that we will become Australia’s leading algae farming company and to have a truly viable solution to both healthy eating and a sustainable environment.

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