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Akvotek are industry leaders in water science, with extensive experience in membrane technology.

We specialise in the development of innovative water, wastewater and green energy solutions for industry and municipal sectors. Akvotek has a strong commitment to research and innovation, partnering with universities and industries to address sustainability issues.

Akvotek have developed a plug and play containerised membrane filtration treatment process plant for surface water, initially with pig farms, that makes potable quality water, handles high fluxuations of suspended solids/turbidity and remove toxins from blue green algae. There are indications this pathogen free quality water increases productivity. We are looking for research and commercialisation opportunities with dairy, chicken and other intensive farms that use surface water for livestock.

Akvotek has partnered with a leading European manufacturer to bring a breakthrough world leading high-rate anaerobic digester technology to Australian & New Zealand markets offering integrated wastewater recycling and green energy solutions for the industrial sector. A large amount of biomass is contained within the carrier medium of the anaerobic digester – resulting in high efficiency conversion of organics matter in high calorific wastewater into biogas. We are interested in opportunities with protein extraction, meat processing, sugar, wine, distilleries and other high strength organics wastewater producers, to maximise biogas, water recycling, resource recovery and reduce carbon footprint.

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