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AgUnity (powered by Axsari) is aiming to change the lives of smallholder farmers around the world by tackling issues such as a lack of trust, corruption, poor record-keeping and farming inefficiencies. The AgUnity app, smartphone and blockchain-based solution is specifically designed to deal with low-connectivity environments and high costs of telecommunication transmissions.

AgUnity first designed a digital solution that dealt with the immediate issues of a lack of trust by enabling secure, immutable peer-to-peer transactions. Progressively, we evolved beyond recording basic farm and industry records to our current AgUnity v3 App and ‘Axsari OS’ platform. The Axsari OS platform allows for the deployment of the AgUnity App as well as hundreds of other applets, where Service Providers can build on top of the technology and services of our platform (a ‘Super App’ ecosystem).

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