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AgFood Fund

The AgFood Opportunities Fund is an alternative and defensive investment fund based in Melbourne, Australia. Our investment objective is to provide shareholders with 8-10% p.a. returns across the agribusiness and food cycles by identifying under-valued investment opportunities both locally and globally through listed and unlisted companies.

AgFood aims to achieve its investment objective by prudently allocating capital, technology, and management into assets whose business operates within an attractive niche of either the agriculture or food industries and has scope to grow. Moreover, the fund will look to allocate capital to the “choke point” in supply chain to unlock commercial potential and feed the world sustainably and ethically.

The AgFood Fund team has a wide range of experience spanning private equity, listed equity, operations, and consulting that brings a plethora of perspectives to the table. This enables us to identify mispriced opportunities and take action in a timely manner to maximise return over the three-year time horizon.

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