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Ag Drones

Ag Drones™ innovative technology empowers farmers to locate and map tagged animals in real-time and offline whenever needed. It is the world's most advanced drone radio-tracking technology, proven to effectively track wild animals across the most rugged and remote landscapes (as Wildlife Drones) and now being applied within the livestock industry (as Ag Drones). Simply use very high frequency (VHF) tags (either rumen, ear or collar tags) on your stock and let the drone do the hard work for you, reducing the time and effort it takes to find and muster your livestock, even beyond the fence.

Ag Drones' parent company, Wildlife Drones, is a start-up business that was established in 2016, in response to the need for improving the efficiency of animal tracking and effective land management. Following success within the wildlife and invasive pest management industries, there has been growing interest in this same innovative technology being applied within the livestock industry. As AgDrones and Wildlife Drones expand their business across Australia and internationally within both the wildlife and agricultural industries, they are interested in farmers who wish to make their livestock management operations more efficient and cost effective, as well as partners and investors who would like to join the journey.

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