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26 Seasons

26 Seasons is a farming technology company that is redefining what it means to eat fresh by sustainably producing premium strawberries at scale in its indoor vertical farm all year round.

Its proprietary Controlled Environment (CE) farming provides perfect growing conditions for crops to thrive and removes external factors that can limit outdoor growing such as seasonality, adverse weather events, pests, disease and climate. Its farms can pop up in any city, in any climate and produce the freshest, most flavourful strawberries and microgreens all year long delivering high yields within a small footprint compared with traditional farming.

26 Seasons was founded in 2017 by two experienced ag-sector individuals, Steven Carden and Matthew Keltie with a goal of making the off-season in season all year long, through new, more sustainable ways to farm. Today 26 Seasons has a flagship strawberry indoor vertical farm and R&D centre in Foxton.

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