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Real time data: Investment for development of existing US channels, and for trials in agriculture in Australia

Opportunity for

  • Investors^ in technology, VC funds, family offices
  • Agricultural industry bodies/associations to cost effectively develop and deploy data collection solutions.

^This investment opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Data collection in the field is an ongoing challenge for many agricultural industries. Paper and clipboards are still prevalent as data collection tools. Improving data collection processes as frontline operators work is essential to improving efficiency. Data collection is also essential to confirm baseline data to measure improvements. The company has proven its platform in robust, remote environments in the fishing/seafood industry with >600 customers in four countries.

Current opportunity:

Real Time Data is undertaking a bridge round to achieve two things:

  1. Prove out the growth channels in the US market, where we have >100 customers in many different fisheries using different apps all tailored to the way a fisher works out on the water. We have multiple different channels where we have some traction but want to establish the most rewarding before scaling with a Series A in 2024.
  2. Operate some early stage trials in different agricultural markets in Australia, where we know there are multiple market opportunities.

Opportunity background:

Real Time Data has created and deployed an application development platform which enables workflow specific data collection applications to be built far more cost effectively than building the applications from scratch.

By way of example, using deckhand, seven workflow applications were deployed across three countries from January to July 2023.

The company currently has >600 customers with multiple different fisheries in four countries, with minimal churn. The platform is now set to scale. The company has been established for several years, and has been funded to date, by angel investors, and multiple commercialisation grants, now operating with 15 staff in Australia and the US.

Opportunity potential other applications:

There are myriad opportunities in many different agricultural sectors to replace paper data collection with an electronic platform, e.g. high value tree crops, or crops going straight into the food supply chain where it's important to know yield, location, and timing for traceability purposes as the crop is harvested by field operators; or livestock assessment in yards; or niche industries where digitisation is not as far advanced as commodity crops.

The opportunity to collect observations, and fine scale temporal and spatial data automatically as operators work, then send the data to any kind of endpoint, represents a powerful aid to greater efficiency and productivity.

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^The investment opportunities listed on this website are for professional and sophisticated investors only. You should make your own inquiries and undertake your own due diligence before making any financial decision or investment.

Opportunity type

Seeking interest, Seeking investment, Field trial


Mid to Late (TRL 5-9)
For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are in the mid to late stages of readiness.
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Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

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Real Time Data

Real Time Data's mission is to deploy their world class data collection platform across multiple agrifood sectors globally.
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    South Australia

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