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Leaf Agriculture: Accelerating food and agriculture's digital transformation through Leaf's unified API

Opportunity for

  • Agtech startups that need to access OEM machinery data for their grower clients in order to power digital solution that they are building.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Precision data, such as planting, application and harvest data, is collected on approx 70% of broadacre hectares, but this data is stuck in hundreds of proprietary formats. For the past 20 years, the inconsistency of farm data has made it prohibitively difficult for companies to unlock new value for farmers.

Current opportunity:

Leaf solves this challenge by offering a unified API that helps companies access, translate, and draw insights from hundreds of sources, including data from all major machinery brands, farm management platforms, imagery providers, weather stations, and more. By becoming the common denominator for agricultural data, Leaf's unified API enables companies to focus their efforts on building value for their customers from data insights without spending time and resources building and maintaining undifferentiated data integrations.

Our ‘Leaf for Startups’ program grants credits to early stage companies, so you can get started building your products with Leaf for free. To qualify for the Leaf for Startups program, your company must be founded less than two years ago and have less than $2 million USD in total funding. Eligible companies receive API credits and Leaf resources to help in scaling their solutions.

Opportunity background:

Leaf is used around the world by carbon platforms, crop insurance providers, crop input providers, farm management information systems, agricultural retailers, and many other types of businesses. From United Kingdom based crop input and agronomy services provider Hutchinsons, that uses Leaf’s API to connect over 60,000 hectares of field and machinery data into their proprietary OMNIA platform, to Brazilian farm management software provider Aegro, that uses Leaf’s API to receive machinery data from companies such as Bayer’s Climate FieldView or John Deere and satellite imagery from Planet Labs–the use cases for Leaf are endless.

Canada based agri-food system and supply chain company, TheoryMesh, uses Leaf’s API to connect their partners' machine data to fulfill their Capture and Process product offerings, and USA based Agtech provider Sentinel Fertigation uses Leaf’s API to access field boundaries, machinery data, and satellite imagery from many different sources in order to power their platform and help growers make more profitable fertility and fertigation management decisions, just to name a few examples.

Opportunity type

Seeking partners
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Late (TRL 8-9)
Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.
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Multiple industries
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Leaf Agriculture

Leaf is the unified API for food and agriculture.
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