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Invest in farming (IIF): reduce production risk, access capital and connect with consumers - seeking partners

Opportunity for

  • Farmers/growers in broadacre cropping and horticultural industries (orchard and vegetables) interested in collaboration with a novel farm production investment platform.
    ^This opportunity is only for professional and sophisticated investors.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

AgriFutures Australia estimates that $7.5b of new capital investment is required each year for the industry to achieve the National Farmers' Federation $100b value of farm output goal by 2030. This gap is a significant problem for agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries as capital investment is key to lifting productivity and is needed at every stage of production. Having access to efficient capital is the driving factor behind sustaining strong sector growth.

Outside of equity in the farm, debt is currently the main source of capital for agriculture. Most institutions will lend on land or asset purchases, but there are limited sources of capital to support production. Further, although 100% of the population are dependent on food production, the vast majority of people can’t participate in the industry.

Invest In Farming (IIF) provides a means for consumers to participate in the ag industry, without owning a farm. It liberates a new and extensive source of consumer capital, which by its nature also reduces production risk and drives consumer engagement.

Current opportunity:

IIF are seeking engagement from farm collaborators in the broadacre cropping, fruit and vegetable and other industries. To date, IIF has worked with farmers within the cattle, oyster and beekeeping sectors and we are seeking farm collaborators who can help us deepen our understanding of other production systems (e.g., cropping, fruit and vegetables), to determine if consumer participation can deliver mutual benefit.

Opportunity background:

IIF has developed an innovative mobile app and operating structure that enables consumers to learn about, participate in and potentially profit from farm production. By enabling consumers to buy into farm production, early in the growing cycle, we provide a unique form of equity capital that doesn’t compromise land ownership. Farmers can recover input costs up front, reduce harvest price and yield risk and diversify internally or externally. Further, they can enhance market engagement by connecting producers and consumers, build brand and loyalty, drive retail distribution and engage and educate consumers.

Potential other applications:

In addition to the core IIF platform, IIF is piloting an education version of the app called IIFed that enables students to build a virtual farm of real agricultural assets (cows, oysters, beehives etc) and be kept up to date on the growing cycle and outcomes.

What happens in the real world is mirrored in the school world, so it encourages students to research different ag systems and regions, to construct a diversified farm and maximise the outcome. There is also potential application for contests or other learning activities to be conducted.

^Professional and sophisticated investors as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The content of this opportunity is intended for use by persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments and must not be acted or relied upon by any other person including, without limitation, retail clients.

Opportunity type

Seeking partners
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Mid to Late (TRL 5-9)
For opportunities that are seeking solutions providers who are in the mid to late stages of readiness.
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Multiple industries
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Invest In Farming (IIF)

Agriculture and food supply play a critical role in Australian society, but for most people it’s an industry they can’t actively participate in. The divide between city and country, producers and consumers has never been greater, but Invest Inya Farmer (IIF) seek to change that.
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