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FutureFeed: Asparagopsis growing and manufacturing - licensing

Opportunity for

  • To partner with FutureFeed to grow and manufacture Asparagopsis for feeding to ruminant animals to reduce methane emissions.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

A decade ago, a team of scientists from CSIRO and James Cook University, supported by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) came together to investigate the methane reduction potential of native Australian seaweeds. It was hoped that ruminant animals such as cows might improve feed efficiency by consuming seaweed, due to conservation of energy otherwise lost as methane.

Asparagopsis was in the first cohort of seaweeds tested. The results in vitro (using lab equipment to mimic a cow’s stomach) were so unbelievable the scientist thought the methane measurement instrument was broken! After repeating experiments several times, a low inclusion level of Asparagopsis was confirmed to virtually eliminate methane. Subsequent in vivo (animal) studies in Australia and the USA consistently demonstrated reductions of more than 80 per cent could be achieved in a controlled farm setting.

FutureFeed was established by CSIRO in 2020 to commercialise this world-changing discovery. Investors include CSIRO, Woolworths Group, GrainCorp, AGP Sustainable Real Assets and Harvest Road.

Current opportunity:

Future Feed are seeking growing and manufacturing partners to license FutureFeed IP to asparagopsis growers globally.

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Opportunity type

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FutureFeed was established by CSIRO in 2020 to commercialise this world-changing discovery.
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