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Ceres Tag: Animal traceability, welfare, performance, and climate impact – scale up investment opportunity

Opportunity for

  • High Net Worth, Family Office and Corporate investors interested in animal performance evidence insights through a real time sustainability enabling reporting platform.
  • Partnerships for distribution and integration with other supply chain technology platform businesses.

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Pasture Efficiency Now it is possible to do the following in near real time while the animal is grazing:

  • Collect evidence of the inputs from animal intake – kilograms dry matter intake per day.
  • Compare the inputs (kg dry matter intake) to outputs (weight gain, milk production) to derive Feed Conversion Efficiency.
  • Use the heritable trait phenotype evidence to make improvements in feed conversion efficiency of herds, methane emissions, phenotype genetic selection and stocking rate optimisation (operational efficiency).
  • Use this evidence to increase productivity and profitability, while satisfying new regulatory reporting requirements for Scope 3 emissions sustainability and deforest free supply chains.

Biosecurity Market access and viability of Australian agricultural industries is constantly under threat from biosecurity incursions, such as:

  • Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle
  • The significant ongoing threat from Foot and Mouth Disease.

Currently there is no automated real-time monitoring system to protect agricultural industries once a disease enters any country.

Ceres Tag is being used for soil carbon and enteric emissions evidence with partners such as AgriProve, to further enhance the adoption of carbon credits on farms to improve supply chain profitability and provide automated regulatory Scope 3 emissions reporting requirements.

Current opportunity:

Ceres Tag is exporting globally through its growing global distribution partners network. Revenue is expected to significantly increase in 2024 and beyond based on contracted demand. Ceres Tag’s extensive software partner network continues to increase in choice in multiple languages. Displaying the insights in multiple different ways along the supply chain further accelerates rapid global growth.

Ceres Tag is seeking investment to scale manufacturing, boost data management of the satellite enabled animal performance and traceability platform. Capital will enable contracted supply agreements to be fulfilled and increase capability for managing data across the +36 countries. Beyond capital, distribution partners, integration partners and customers will continue to grow to add to the rapid global user adoption.

Ceres Tag’s global satellite operating approvals in each country and ISO approvals for quality and data are unrivalled, providing 5-7 years competitive advantage and growth opportunity.

Ceres Tag is also operating on 40 species of wildlife adding further credibility in conservation and control of invasive species.

Ceres Tag is available worldwide to purchase through the extensive global distribution network and directly through ecommerce. For interested parties, access to the Data Room can be provided upon request.

Opportunity background:

Ceres Tag has developed the most scalable multispecies animal health intelligence platform that is easy to use, plug and play, satellite unlimited range (no infrastructure), interoperable (open platform), lowest cost entry into animal monitoring. The platforms are satellite enabled, bluetooth, very long battery life, solar charged, machine learning so that new features and capabilities can be added, LED for physical as well as data notification, ambient temperature, API for partners to integrate and a very strong distribution network to form an omni channel go to market strategy. With already strong revenue generation, the platform enables people to save and generate revenue while making timely decisions on their animals and the land in which they use. Ultimately the platform enables people to be more productive, make more profit and automated reporting to satisfy all regulatory requirements. The platform is now used in over 35 countries, in six different languages and for multiple different data use applications for anyone in the supply chain.

Potential other applications:

Ceres Tag multiple other applications include:

  • Operational efficiency (mustering)
  • Finance (Asset Management and Scope 3 reporting)
  • Insurance
  • Evidence based reporting
  • Biosecurity notifications
  • Improved land utilisation
  • Reduction of stock theft
  • Automated one touch authentication for animal movements
  • Boundary breaches
  • Alerting of predator activity
  • Real time traceability for live export cross borders
  • Monitoring welfare onboard ships or in trucks/trains.

For further information, our pitch deck or financials, please go to "enquire now" and submit an enquiry.

^Professional and sophisticated investors as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The content of this opportunity is intended for use by persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments and must not be acted or relied upon by any other person including, without limitation, retail clients.

Opportunity type

Seeking investment, Seeking partners

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Monday, 1 July 2024 12:00 Australia/Sydney
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Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag.
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