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Ceres Tag: Animal monitoring for traceability, provenance, biosecurity, and animal welfare - seeking supply chain partnerships

Opportunity for

  • Farm management platforms and other supply chain technology platform businesses looking to integrate world first direct to satellite animal monitoring technology into their product offering

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Market access and viability of Australian agricultural industries is constantly under threat from biosecurity incursions. At present, lumpy skin disease in cattle, African swine fever in pigs and the ongoing threat from Foot and Mouth Disease are significant. Currently there is no automated monitoring system to protect agricultural industries once a disease enters the country. We are unable to identify when and where the disease is active and to isolate and treat.

Ceres Tag has the capability to monitor and report where the animals are, how many and what condition they are in from almost anywhere on the planet. These insights provide guidance for securitisation for finance, insurance or could significantly improve sustainability and ESG credentials. Ceres Tag can improve operation efficiency and contribute to baseline data for carbon credit assessment.

There are 1.2 billion cattle in the world, similar in sheep and goats plus there is wildlife where conservation considerations cannot be measured from an economic stand point. The economic and biosecurity benefits that could be generated, saved or avoided is worth billions of dollars to the Australian livestock sector.

Current opportunity:

Ceres Tag is seeking engagement from farm management and other agtech platforms along the supply chain looking to integrate individual animal monitoring direct to satellite technology into their product or services.

Ceres Tag is currently available for anyone to purchase and start using. Ceres Tag is operating in 20 countries and on 20 species of animal from livestock to wildlife. The scalability, ease of set up and unlimited range enables anyone, anywhere, anytime to get started for a low entry price. Everyone can be involved either as a user, an investor, a collaborator or as a supporter.

Opportunity background:

Ceres Tag is the world’s first direct to satellite monitoring of animals in an ear tag device. This has allowed global scalability at a low price. The significance of the technology to include GPS, animal welfare monitoring (with accelerometer), Bluetooth, ambient temperature, LED alert lighting and capable of carrying a national accredited RFID for traditional identification systems. The Ceres Tag reports up to 4 times per day while the Ceres Wild Tags report up to 24 times per day. The relevance of the data for decision making, automated reporting, truth and transparency in traceability and the opportunity for measured sustainability of operations, cannot be understated.

Potential other applications:

Ceres Tag are exploring a range of different applications for the technology and potential partners can present novel use cases for Ceres Tag to consider. Currently the opportunities being explored include:

  • Pasture feed intake – feed efficiency
  • Carbon Credit baseline and continuous measurements
  • Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Improved land utilisation
  • Reduction of stock theft
  • Automated reporting on movements and boundary breaches
  • Alerting for predator or theft activity
  • Traceability for live export cross borders
  • Monitoring welfare onboard ships or in trucks/trains.

Opportunity type

Seeking partners


Late (TRL 8-9)
Commercial optimisation of the product/service, testing and commercial distribution.
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by

Multiple industries
Beef cattle Dairy Game Natural capital assets Other rural industries Pasture, fodder & feed Pork Sheep & lamb Wool

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag.

Multiple industries
Beef cattle Dairy Game Natural capital assets Other rural industries Pasture, fodder & feed Pork Sheep & lamb Wool
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  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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