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BioCarbon: Investment opportunity to scale value adding Waste Biomass

Opportunity for

  • Investors and strategic partners interested in scaling (to commercial scale) biochar, wood vinegar and gas plant with capacity of 20,000t of biomass per year.

Opportunity Description

Industry Challenge:

Many forms of woody waste (woodchip, nutshells, etc) are wasted. Value can be derived from these wastes.

Current opportunity:

BioCarbon is building a pyrolysis plant on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We have comittments for 50% of the cost of plant and are seeking investors for the final 50%.

Opportunity background:

BioCarbon has developed and have applied for a patent for our pyrolysis process and equipment. BioCarbon's process stands out from others in the following ways:

  • BioCarbon can process feeds with moisture content up to 50% (most others 15-20%). This eliminates the need for drying equipment.
  • BioCarbon can process feeds of difficult shape and size. Biomass is notoriously difficult to handle and transport especially at the temperatures required for pyrolysis. Our equipment copes with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and densities avoiding the need for costly sizing and sieving.
  • BioCarbon's process produces a clean gas which easily meets the requirements of the EPA. We need no gas scrubbing or post processing.
  • Our process is scalable. Capital cost and operating costs do not increase with processing capacity. This means our unit capex and opex per tonne processed is reduced with every increase in capacity.

BioCarbon has also developed technology that allows the biochar to replace coal in steelmaking. This has been successfully trialled in 2 steelworks producing over 2,000t of steel, enough for 2x20 storey high rise buildings. This product is price competitive with the coal based coke currently used.

Potential other applications:

A portion of the biochar produced at this plant will be dedicated to new applications in industry and agriculture. At this scale the price to the end user will be far more economical than it currently is. Use of biochar in agriculture has been researched and proven over many years but it has not gained traction due to the high cost. Opportunity exists to value add to the biochar by producing products that enable more efficient use of the biochar in existing farming systems and equipment.

To find out morea about this opportunity or to connect to the team go to "Ennquire now".

Opportunity type

Seeking interest, Seeking investment


Mid (TRL 5-7)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by

Multiple industries
Beef cattle Cereal grains Cotton Cross industry Dairy Eggs Forestry Fruits Game Nuts Oilseeds Pasture, fodder & feed Pork Poultry Pulse grains Sheep & lamb Sugar Vegetables Wine Wool


BioCarbon has developed technology for the economical production of biochar, wood vinegar and a clean burning, carbon neutral gas from a wide variety of woody wastes.
  • Location

    New South Wales

  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME


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