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Determining resource requirements for removal of waste from egg farms

The aim of this current project is to identify what resources are needed to support the disposal of all types of poultry farm waste, using a risk-based approach, and to produce a framework for the prioritisation and production of resources that will support the management of poultry waste under a number of scenarios.

This collaborative project aims to produce a tool that supports planning by farm managers to limit the impact to the business should a mass mortality event occur. However, there are a number of scenarios where waste disposal of smaller volumes may also be supported by pre-planning to reduce the potential biosecurity risks associated with poultry waste.

Project date

1 Jan 2019-31 Dec 2020
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Principal investigator

Kylie Hewson

Research organisation


Project led by


Australian Eggs

Australian Eggs is a member owned not-for-profit company providing marketing and research & development (R&D) services for the benefit of …

  • Location

    Australia wide

  • Organisation type

    Research funding body

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