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Yacker App

Yacker is a platform designed to connect farmers, agronomists and other people who work or are involved in agriculture around Australia. It allows its users to ask questions and brainstorm ideas, to help improve their operations or understanding. The platform can be used to road test a new idea, to connect and support farming communities or to share and compare knowledge and experience through answering questions.

Yacker is a first of its kind, simple and easy to use app that can be downloaded straight to your phone. It allows its users to set up profiles and to set availability for contact, this means if you choose to make yourself available, users can call you directly to ask a question, chat about an idea or connect.

Yacker is the brainchild of agronomists Emma Ayliffe and Heath McWhirter from Summit Ag, in Griffith NSW. They realised that often one of their clients had knowledge or opinions that would help another client and thought that by encouraging their clients to chat with each other, they could get even more value from being part of the Summit Ag network.

They also realised that many networking services relied on text-based communication which isn't great for farmers, and that most farmers would rather chat than type. Yacker was created as a platform to help solve the problem of connecting farmers.

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