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VentureCrowd is a next-generation digital investment platform leading the democratisation of alternative assets and pioneering wealth-tech tokenisation.

VentureCrowd is a fully integrated digital investment marketplace for a range of alternative assets. It is also Australia’s only multi-asset class platform enabling retail, wholesale and institutional investors to co-invest in the same property, venture capital, fixed income and managed fund opportunities on the same economic terms.

By giving all investors digital access to a range of previously inaccessible investment opportunities, VentureCrowd is leading the democratisation of the alternative assets market and increasing the pool of capital available for promising high-growth projects.

Purpose-driven, with a focus on responsible investing, VentureCrowd prioritises projects that address at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and by doing so is committed to enabling the power of crowd capital to make a positive contribution to a better future.

The VentureCrowd Group holds two Australian Financial Services Licenses with a broad range of authorisations. This allows maximum flexibility to structure financial products to best suit a particular project and target that product at the most appropriate investor groups, whether retail, wholesale, institutional or all of the above. More than just a retail crowdfunding business, VentureCrowd is a next-generation digital investment platform with broad scope to syndicate capital through any number of potential structures, financial instruments and investor types.

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