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Trellis is a fast-growing AI company solving complex food value chain risks including agriculture planning, climate change, supply chain logistics as well as optimizing financial risks and opportunities for growth. Trellis' solution optimizes food and beverage companies’ performance through automated forecasting and decision support.

The platform leverages proprietary big-data from legacy systems, and novel data layers for creating a native cloud twin of the entire company production system from the field, harvest, production and sales. The platform manages supply chain risks that cause 10-15% profit loss, 40% food waste and 50% avoidable emissions.

The company partners with global food and beverage producers as well as their upstream suppliers to leverage their data to identify risks and inefficiencies and strategically transform their organizations. Trellis is putting the future into the now, and this technology will become integral to the complete supply chain across agriculture, food and beverage production.

Viticulture and Wine Division:

The company developed its “Vine to Wine” solution for optimizing vineyard and winery performance. Trellis’s quality optimization and AI prediction tools allow for improved in-season vineyard management, resulting in improved grape quality, picked at optimal maturity, and harvest crush optimization.

Trellis makes it easy for wineries to leverage its live predictions of yields and harvest optimization. The system is easy to deploy and will support winery employees and executives as well as boost profitability across viticulture and winemaking operations while supporting efficiency in ongoing sustainability programs.


Australia, New Zealand, USA, South America, Europe

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